SUNISLOVE® garments are designed and manufactured in Spain adhering to European quality standards, using microfiber and state of the art HI-TECH machinery in order to provide maximum protection against the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.


SunSession BCN S. L. owns the E.U. Patent No. 002054288-0001. The Patented Design is for this model of shirt made from the fabric SUNSAFETEX. The manufacturing license for this patent is exclusively for the IT’S LOVE THE SUN® and SUNISLOVE® brands with designs by the artist Alejandro Lucadamo.



We print our exclusive designs by Alejandro Lucadamo, using the HD digital printing system, subliming water-based inks at 200 ° C in order to obtain stable and solid colors which are resistant to UV rays. In keeping with the GREENPEACE DETOX commitment, to be respectful of the environment, throughout our production process.



SUNISLOVE® garments are made with SUNSAFETEX fabric. Which is the only sunscreen textile treated with the SANITIZED® hygiene function, an odor resistant, permanent treatment of textiles which gives a fresh feeling all day.


SANITIZED® hygiene function acts as a deodorant, odor resistant. It also protects the fabric from UV rays, mildew stains and other aggressors, keeping intact the structure of the fabric, to prolong the life of the garment in good condition.



There is no chafing with SUNISLOVE® garments. Thanks to use of flat seams with a high strength technical finish, made with the FLAT-LOCK system and the absence of tags.


We have achieved the objective of delivering a reliable garment that can adapt to fit you comfortably, made from a pleasing fabric, smooth to the touch. Your comfort is guaranteed by the four-directional adaptability and elasticity of the Elastane fiber and the Fast-Dry polyester microfiber, which facilitates the practice of a wide variety of activities and sports, whilst aiding thermoregulation.



SUNISLOVE® garments have been awarded certification by the Swiss TESTEX laboratories, Registration Certificate Nº UVS 082 297. They offer UPF 80 sunscreen protection throughout the life of the garment. This assurance is made by reference to the UV standard 801. It is the only qualification standard that tests the garment when it is wet, stretched and worn. When clothes are wet they lose 50% of their capacity to filter ultraviolet A and B. It is important to know that other UPF qualifications only conduct their tests on dry garments and therefore labelling can be confusing for the consumer.


Ultraviolet Protection Factor 80 is the maximum level of guaranteed UVA & UVB filter achievable for clothing, even when the garment is wet. It represents a filter equivalent to up to 8 times greater than that of a standard cotton shirt.


SUNISLOVE® 100% Designed and Manufactured in Europe. Made in BARCELONA



Sigfrid Bernal, SunSession BCN S. L. Manager