SunSession BCN S.L. • January 2013

The current levels of toxic waste in our rivers and the sea which can be attributed to sunscreens is alarming. When you consider the number of people who sunbath on the beaches in the summer, the few drops of sunscreen spilt by each person add up to a significant issue. The water resistance of sunscreens is short lived and, ultimately, they always end up in the same place. What is the alternative?

At SunSession BCN S.L. we aim to respect the environment and those who enjoy it. To this end, we are constantly striving to develop and implement steps that enable us to achieve this objective. We control the supply chain in order to reduce the environmental impact. This includes the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of our products. We are committed to fashion without producing toxic pollutants, conforming with the GREENPEACE DETOX campaign. This has been achieved whilst using high-tech and innovative textiles.

The decision to develop an attractive, modern and practical garment and at the same time include a number of ECO-sustaining features, is proof of that.

The SUNISLOVE® brand of garments offer the highest sun protection certification; UPF 80, thanks to the high technology and the use of microfiber fabric SunSafeTex, without toxic additives to filter UV rays. Giving up to 8 times longer protection than a normal cotton garment, even when wet. Ecologically speaking, the use of polyester (PES) is the best choice, as there is no discharge of chlorine into the environment during the manufacturing or destruction processes.

Additionally, only polyester allows the durable printing of the intense colours, through the sublimation of odorless and breathable Water Based Pigments. Avoiding the toxic waste produced in the usual process of tinting and consequent fading.

Another feature of our product is the permanent SANITIZED® hygienic treatment that prolongs the life of the fabric and keeps it clean longer, which means it can be washed less frequently, thereby reducing the consumption of water and energy and the disposal of detergents.

Designed to withstand heavy use, these garments are resilient and adaptable. Their elasticity allows for a childs growth. They are suitable to practice all kinds of activities and aquatic sports.

Special attention has been paid to details, such as: the absence of tags, the use of anti-chafing stitching and high resistance thread. As a result, we have extended the life of the garment by maintaining it in good condition longer thereby preventing the increase of waste, an inevitable consequence of the use of "low cost" and "fast fashion" garments.

I hope that this report, together with accompanying technical data, will be useful. Finally, I wish to draw attention to the artistic value of our garments, which can leave nobody unimpressed, thanks to the exclusive designs of the artist Alejandro Lucadamo.


Sigfrid Bernal, SunSession BCN S.L. Manager